Many know me as ninelore, but my real name is Ingo. This is my personal Blog, and you should treat everything that you read in my blog posts as opinions if not stated otherwise.


Born in the German State of Hesse, I got my first PC at the age of five, and my first contact with Linux with seven years.
I lived a very rough childhood with, I dare to say, abuse. Not only I had my own problems, but I had to witness the sorrow and depression of others too. I wont go into details here.

What i am today

I believe these expeiences made me very wise, astute and perfectionist. I have a constant dissatisfaction with politics and corporations that abuse their might. For example from October 2018 until March 2021 I mainly used Linux because I refused to use Windows. This time teached me alot about not only the importance of open source, but also of real life topics like climate change, manipulation of politics by lobbying, the dangers of might monopoly and other things.

I’ve started a software engineering Job in 2022.

My Interests

  • Coding
  • Cloud Computing
  • Gaming
  • Cycling
  • Metal music
  • Diabetes Technology

I may have or will post(ed) blogposts about any topic mentioned here. Be sure to check them out :)